3 Steps For Video Game Beta Testing Success

Don't kid yourself; you're not likely to be the first pick of a big game maker when you first begin applying for video game tester job openings. On the other hand, should you follow the few simple steps down below, you most assuredly won't be the last!

The 3 Steps You Have To Follow...

1. Make Everybody A Buddy: The best tool a paid game tester can have is a sturdy network of connections. More connections means more strings to pull every time you are looking for your next video game tester jobs. As you surely guessed, going around and asking strangers to be your "friend" is a bit creepy, regardless of how nice you might appear. Having said that, simply be polite and respectful to everyone and anyone you have dealings with. When people like you or get a good vibe from you, they are more prone to give you a hand when you need it. This is the way dependable contact networks are developed and maintained.

2. You Should Not Focus On The Profit.... In The Beginning: Your primary goal is to earn a living playing & testing games. But, keep in mind you are not going to accomplish that objective on your first day, so don't get your hopes up too much. No game testing company will pay you enormous sums of cash for your first beta game tester project; it's as simple as that. Game companies and developers want skilled game testers, not "weekend gamers" that are merely trying to give game testing a "shot". What does this all mean for you? It means you could be required to test games free of charge! It might be a difficult thought to stomach, but it is a necessary adjustment to get yourself into the world of video game beta tester jobs. By offering your services free of charge, video game developers can see what you are made of; not forgetting, you will be able to build up some very useful references for the future.

3. Get Active and Keep Active: Never quit trying to find video game testing projects and testing positions. Even when you land that first video game beta testing job, you should not stop submitting applications. The more developers you're in connection with, the better your chances are for finding high paying testing jobs. Don't forget, there isn't any guarantees in the video game tester industry. Just because there is a testing project with a developer during week one, that does not mean you will be working with them during week two. In light of that fact, try to follow these 3 fundamental guidelines: do not limit yourself, keep your choices open, and always (ALWAYS) be hunting for more video game testing projects!

3 Steps For Video Game Beta Testing Success
Don't kid yourself; you aren't gonna be the first pick of a big game maker when you first begin applying for video game tester job openings. On the other hand, if you follow the few easy steps listed below, you most assuredly won't be the last!

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