Expert Beta Game Testing - 3 Steps To Get Started

Professional beta game testing can certainly be loads of fun, but you should also acknowledge that it is not enjoyable for everybody. A pro game tester has to do a lot of work and complete the tasks allocated to him. When he does not perform his work well or perhaps if he simply completes his assignments like they aren't all that important, it's likely that he isn't going to remain a paid video game tester for very long. With that said, if you are still serious about the idea of getting PAID to play games, then be certain to read & follow the 3 simple steps listed below.

1. Build Contacts

Each individual you speak to -- that regularly works with & is part of video game creation -- is a future asset that can be used. This individual may be the starting point from which you grab that first big beta game testing assignment. This person could have enough knowledge to inform you about high paying game tester positions which are becoming available; those of which aren't being actively brought up. He/she may even pull the right strings with a few important folks and get testing assignments when you're otherwise out of work. To put it in layman's terms, they can be your window of opportunity for getting inside the video game tester universe; therefore, be as pleasant, cordial, & as professional as you can with every person you speak to.

2. Test Video Games For Free

This concept may make you gag in disgust to do work, if you call game testing work, for free; but it's a necessary evil in order to get yourself into the game. Offer up your services to testing facilities as well as game companies and inform them that you'll work on their games without pay. Seeing that game developers -- even the big name ones -- don't like to invest more for testing their games than whats mandatory, they'll be THRILLED to avail your service. After you have finished a handful of free jobs, you'll have a nice pile of work references all set to go for those PAID beta game testing jobs.

3. Get Proactive Or Give Up

You can't look for testing jobs to tumble out of the skies and smack you right in the noggin -- it just isn't gonna happen. In all honesty, you will need to get out there and begin getting in touch with game testing organizations directly. Tell them who you are, what you do, not to mention just how huge a resource you could be to their team; regardless of whether it be a temporary position or a permanent one. Should you deliver a solid case, There Isn't Any reason why you would be turned down.

Professional video game testing is usually amazingly enjoyable -- however, make certain to never get in over your head, as there's actual work demanded by this kind of occupation!

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