If Emotional Stress Or Anxiety Are The Cause Of Sleeplessness Then Stress Relief Relaxation Techniques Must Be Tried

As many individuals grow older they face the problem of puffy eye bags developing under their eyes and a huge factor in eye bag development is the skin growing older. When the skin ages it stretches more readily as it loses its suppleness. It also becomes thinner. A few other unavoidable factors which cause puffy eye bags are allergies, some types of medical conditions and genetics. However many of the things which causes puffy eye bags to develop are related to living style and could easily be changed. Quickly getting rid of your eye bags means understanding the causative factors and trying to control them with appropriate measures.

1. Sleep Well to Remove Eye Bags - Individuals who like to party and stay out late can very often find ugly dark circles and swollen eye bags around their eyes. For the skin to remain healthy, sufficient amount of restful sleep is required on a daily basis. Individuals need to set a regular time for their evening activities and also for going to bed and waking up in order that their circadian sleep cycle is aligned properly and maintained in a proper balance. The area where you sleep needs to be made as encouraging to restful sleep as possible. Emotional stress and anxiety could keep people wakeful however relaxation exercises prior to bedtime is the best solution to handle this problem. Keeping the head up on a few pillows while sleeping might help surplus fluids in puffy eye bags to drain away.

2. Allergy Medication for Eye Bags - Allergies to a wide range of items such as foods, pets or environmental issues could cause hypersensitive reactions in the body that could include puffiness and redness near the eyes that induce saggy eye bags to develop. If in case you have any type of allergen hypersensitivity then removing eye bags is as simple as making an appointment with your medical practitioner so that you could get information and assistance on how to handle the problem. If you aren't sure whether you have got an allergy or not, a medical expert can let you know and at the same time the doctor can do a complete body checkup to ensure that the eye bags are not caused by thyroid or kidney ailments.

3. Use Cold to Reduce Eye Bags - Cold compresses applied to the eyes is a good and fast way of eliminating saggy eye bags effectively however the effect is short term. Cold packs can be prepared with just about any article which can be chilled. A traditional folk medicine treatment makes use of cucumber slices that have been chilled. Recent popular picks for cold packs include spoons which have been left in the refrigerator over night and chilled cotton balls. Skin specialists recently revealed that green tea carries a substance in it that works as an anti-inflammatory therefore chilled green tea bags have become a favorite option for cold packs to minimize puffiness in eye bags.

4. Eye Bag Reduction Cream - As you age the skin around the eye area become thinner in texture and is over stretched. Using a gel, lotion or skin cream which has effective revitalizing ingredients is an excellent way of eliminating saggy eye bags. As you grow older your body makes a lesser amount of collagen, a body skin protein which keeps skin supple and healthy. Using a eye bag reduction skin cream with collagen in it will help to rejuvenate your skin and restore flexibility in it. Vitamins such as A, E and K are important to maintain your skin healthy. In addition they work as antioxidants to combat free radical molecules and toxins which cause skin cell damage and help stimulate collagen manufacture by your body.

5. Reduce Eye Bags with Facial Exercises - Various face exercises may also be useful in removing eye bags. These exercises build up muscle tone and tighten the skin while helping to burn off and eliminate fluids and fat lumps underneath the eyes.

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If Emotional Stress Or Anxiety Are The Cause Of Sleeplessness Then Stress Relief Relaxation Techniques Must Be Tried
Saggy eye bags are a problem which many people face as they grow older and a major part of the problem arises from skin aging process. Because the skin ages...

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