Natural Insomnia Cure At Home - Try These Simple Options

So, you are looking for an all natural treatment for sleep problems, do you? Then, you had better take a look at this checklist to make sure you're doing everything needed to naturally cure your sleeplessness problems.

A 10-Point Checklist for Natural Insomnia Treatment...

- I rest and sleep on a firm mattress that provides support for my body weight completely. I do not sink into the bedding, nor do I have difficulty in getting out of the bed when I need to.

- Before going to bed, I always have a warm shower to loosen up myself and alleviate stress.

- I make certain I do NOT watch television or read 30 minutes before going to sleep, because I know it will stimulate my mind and keep me from falling asleep as quickly as I would like.

- I note down all my troubles & bothers on a piece of paper and keep them there before I retire to bed. By doing this, my troubles and bothers won't stop me from getting the sleep I require.

- I keep my bed for a place of sleep. I don't watch a movie or read while in my bed, nor do I plan my day-to-day activities while in bed. Once I get into bed, it's resting time, period.

- If I want to have a snack before going to sleep, I make certain it has the amino acid L-trypthopan; poultry, turkey, cottage cheese, cashews, etc.

- I always go to bed around the same time every night, because this makes sure that my body would be conditioned to know exactly when I should go to sleep.

- I sleep in an atmosphere which is dark and well ventilated. If I am ever afraid of the dark, I use a night light with a time regulator.

- If I feel I am overly agitated and need to loosen up before going to sleep, I have some natural herbal tea or a glass of lukewarm milk.

- I NEVER EVER take naps during the day, as I know this could prevent me from getting the sleep I require at nighttime.

If you need to, note down the above suggestions down or take a print out. By following this checklist, you will probably be on a sure road to alleviating insomnia naturally. Do you have to do everything on this list? No, certainly not; but the more you choose to do, the better your odds are of naturally curing insomnia.

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