Over The Counter Anti Aging Products And 5 Top Reasons Why It's Better To Avoid Them

If you're beginning to notice the wrinkles appearing on your face, then you have undoubtedly come to realize that you are truly getting older. Worse yet, that fact is beginning to show in a huge way! Does this mean you should go out and purchase any old over the counter wrinkle cream? No! To do that is to waste both time and money. Here are the reasons why.

Top 5 Reasons to Stay Away From Over the Counter Anti Aging Lotion...

1. They're a Dime a Dozen.

Generic, simple branded anti wrinkle creams are so plentiful that if they were food, you can solve world hunger with them practically overnight. Unfortunately however, their abundance does not make them any more effective. In fact, most of these bland anti wrinkle products are nothing more than low quality (yet are expensive) skin moisturizers. You'd probably have better luck dipping your face in mud.

2. No Studies or Scientific Research.

Do you think these poor quality anti-wrinkle products are tested and proven to work? Well, then you are truly delusional. Cosmetic companies are not obligated to "prove" (generally speaking that is) their incredible claims on their bottles -- hence, anything that says "Wrinkles Fade Away in Only 10 Minutes" would most likely translate to "Wrinkles may be a little less visible after 7-8 weeks of continued use. Expect a twelve percent to thirteen percent Reduction in Wrinkles & Finelines".

3. Never Ending Guessing Game.

Try, try, & try again until you find an effective wrinkle lotion that could be bought over the counter -- effectively wasting cash on every attempt. Can you find a store bought anti wrinkle product that'll truly be effective? Yes, it's certainly possible as long as you put in enough time and money. Nonetheless, the same could be said with regards to looking for the fountain of youth -- you could find it, IF IT EVEN EXISTS!

4. Few, If Any At All, Feedbacks.

"Shelf-sitting" wrinkle cream products will RARELY have customer reviews that you can utilize to be more informed. Why? Because the majority of over the counter wrinkle lotion isn't effective enough for individuals to even take notice (for more than a day or two anyway). More often than not, these products join the rest of the forgotten skin-goop & make up bottles inside that wasteland we refer to as the bathroom cabinet.

5. No Guarantees or Refunds.

You buy over the counter wrinkle creams, you keep over the counter wrinkle lotions, that's it. If it is not effective, then sadly you won't be getting any reviews from your complaints, nor will you be entitled to a refund. No risk free periods, no trials, all sales are final.

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