The Best Way And Ideas To Design Your Nail And It Look Pretty

Hands and fingers will often be the important and lovely part of the women and attraction for boys. This is the reason why applying nail art is really important for the women. All girl really wants to look awesome and special and also nail art is the most important part of the fashion for ladies. Simply because all of us have no time to go to parlor but that does not mean we cannot get best artwork at home.

Here I will discuss the instructions and also requirements discussed for apply nail art form as well as look fabulous every day.

Needed Products for nail art:

A base layer

A top layer

By using any nail paint

A dotting multi tool or even toothpick

Preparation for Nail Artwork:

A number of nail artwork designs are available while some of the best and most wonderful style are below. Before you apply any style for the nails, firstly, it is important to apply many important ways for natural results.

Clear old Nail paint: Always want to begin with clean slate also remove old nail paint.

File all finger nails: Cut your nails to make sure they are neat it can be best to have large and clean space.

Applying a base paint: Use base layer on your finger nails before applying nail polish it may save your nails from any type of damage you should put one single base layer before proceeding and let them dried completely.

Polka Spot Design

Step 1: Use two different colors for creating a polka dot style one colour is the base or other is for dots. At first, use the base colour and let it dried fully.

Step 2: Using fine tipped brush and also toothpick to make and slightly tapped on the nail or continue until all of your nail have lots of dots as you may want you should also vary the size of dots according to the need.

Step 3: Also you can make dots through fingertips or simply add swirls or other design for a better effects after the dots are dried coat them by applying transparent top layer.

Unique Flower Design

Step 1: Decide different colours for creating a flower and also always remember the shades that contrast enough to your base colour and applying the base colour on the nail.

Step 2: When the nail polish brush is small enough and then add dots on your base colour with a brush or else you can also use new toothpick for applying it. These kind of dots would form the flower then place the dots with different colours accordingly on the nail. Place the dots even as it is similar to petals of the colour flowers. Allow them to dry.

Step 3: You should also turn very creative by the addition of green shade as the stem of a flower and pick and choose the style of petals with your style. You can actually increase the beauty of flower by the addition of background or sparkles. Applying top layer add shine to your nail design and style.

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