The Cause Of Acne Scars - How Do I Make Them Go Away?

Is it possible to get rid of acne scars? The answers to this query lies in a understanding of what the condition is, in the first place, and the main reason for the scarring. Facts can then be studied to see if getting rid of acne scars is a possibility.

Acne is a skin problem that results when the skin's sebaceous glands overproduce oil. Some of this lubricating oil gets trapped in oil ducts that have become blocked, promoting the growth of bacteria. Tiny bumps called pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads develop on the skin's surface or, sometimes, below the skin where these are often called cysts which are large swollen lesions filled with pus.

When the oil which the skin produces is metabolized by bacteria, the result is acne scarring. The skin becomes irritated, which blocks the hair follicles and causes them to attract debris. The debris moves down into the skin's internal layer causing the body to instigate an inflammatory action. While the body is struggling to clear the debris the skin is wounded and a scar forms after the wound heals. The four classes of acne scars are rolling, ice pick, hypertrophic, and boxcar. Acne scars are usually not located on the skin's surface, but are depressed in the skin, considering the fact that the wound formation and healing process occurs below the skin surface. That depressed location makes eliminating acne scars quite difficult.

In 1937, a therapy was found, nevertheless, which aimed at rejuvenating the skin. Skin Culture Peel, the treatment in question, could be used for six days, at home. Men and women alike can have the benefit of this treatment, irrespective of the skin type or age or color. The treatment will cause many layers of the skin's cells to get removed in a controlled manner. This results in new layers being exposed and the skin's surface having a good look and feel. Applying the cream then cleaning it off -- takes about 90 minutes per session -- just a six-day time frame is advertised as the only requisite for achieving success.

Other technologies have emerged as a result of modern science, and they are quite good at getting rid of acne scars. Treatment with laser is one of these newer methods, and the non-ablative or fractional versions are the preferred ones. Effectiveness, reduced downtime, and the capability to heal the various types of scars are the reasons that they're preferred over all laser treatment options. Steroids may be injected into hypertrophic scars found atop the skin's surface, in an attempt to make them flat. Steroids, nevertheless, are not quite as effective with scars of the depressed nature. Another type of treatment sees dermal filler agents being employed to raise the acne scars on injection. The drawback of this method, however, is that repeated injections need to be made into the same area; and this is not cheap, nor is it hassle free.

It appears that modern technology, and also some home treatment options, can be quite helpful to get rid of acne scars. This knowledge must be comforting to you and help you make the right preference when selecting an acne scar treatment.

The Cause Of Acne Scars - How Do I Make Them Go Away?
Is it possible to remove acne scars? The responses to this question lies in a understanding of what the problem is, in the first place, and the reason for that scarring.

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