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Keratosis pilaris natural cure: Get rid of keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris natural cure

Keratosis pilaris natural cure

Keratosis pilaris natural cure
Get Rid Of Keratosis Pilaris

Before discussing about Keratosis pilaris natural cure, let us establish what it is.

If you’ve noticed any small white or red bumps along your upper arm area, back, or thighs, you could have keratosis pilaris. It is otherwise known as ‘chicken skin’, or KP. The condition affects up to 50 percent of all adolescents. And nearly half of all adults, though researches don’t confirm statement.

Keratosis pilaris isn’t a dangerous or harmful disorder. It can make people feel self-conscious about their skin condition. Though it’s a harmless condition, it causes hard, small bumps on the skin.  It also often makes the skin feel to be like sandpaper.

The bumps themselves are generally light in color. Usually show up on the upper arms, buttocks, and thighs. They are mostly accompanied by swelling or redness. They can sometimes appear on the face. But they also can appear else where.

Keratosis pilaris, ‘chicken skin’, doesn’t physically hurt and doesn’t really get worse either. Many teens and children get the condition. But they typically outgrow it as they age.

How to Treat Keratosis Pilaris

There are some common medical treatments that may help treating this skin condition. It is true to say that there is no known treatment to cure keratosis pilaris.

However, certain moisturizing creams or lotions can help. They make your skin both look and feel somewhat better overall. Most of these are readily available in pharmacies over the counter. For stronger versions of these, you’ll need to get a script from your doctor.

These may help for keratosis pilaris:

• Topical retinoids

Topical retinoids may help prevent hair follicles from becoming plugged. This happens in the case of keratosis pilaris. These may include products that contain the ingredients tazarotene and tretinoin. This may help with the disorder. Topical retinoids can sometimes annoy the skin and may cause peeling or redness.

• Topical exfoliants

Topical exfoliants work to eliminate dead skin cells. They typically include creams for the skin. They contain urea, salicyclic acid, lactic acid, or alpha-hydroxy acid. These acids, like the topical retinoids, may cause slight burning or redness. They shouldn’t be used on younger children.

• Laser treatment

Sometimes doctors use lasers to effectively treat more severe cases of KP. It helps reduce inflammation and redness. Although it’s not a cure, it can offer a degree of relief. Mostly in the event that lotions and creams aren’t successful. A number of sessions may be necessary for laser treatment to be effective.

Here are a few Keratosis pilaris natural cure

Oatmeal Baths

keratosis pilaris causes a considerable degree of itchiness in your skin. So, you will likely benefit from taking oatmeal baths. Just add 1/3 cup of plain oatmeal to a food processor until extremely fine. Then, add it to a warm bath and soak your skin until you feel relief.

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has long been used as a natural skin moisturiser. It is a rich source of skin-replenishing nutrients in general. It’s extremely helpful in treating keratosis pilaris.

In fact, many people claim that after applying coconut oil to their skin after a few weeks, their KP symptoms greatly improved. And in some cases, it completely disappeared altogether. Organic coconut oil in general has countless benefits as well. For best results apply immediately after a shower when your skin is moist.

Use a Humidifier

Place a humidifier close to your bed to help moisturise your skin. This will lessen KP symptoms and in turn help you relax overall. Use it during the winter months as much as possible.

Vitamin A and Vitamin E Intake

A primary concern with keratosis pilaris is the lack of both vitamins A and E. If the body lacks Vitamin A, an excess amount of keratin is produced. However, eating a variety of food sources rich in vitamin A, like sweet potatoes, spinach, and carrots can help restore vitamin A levels.

Vitamin E is also another viable option for anyone dealing with keratosis pilaris. It naturally softens the skin while providing many beneficial skin-enhancing nutrients. Vitamin E is also an important contributor to good health in general, whether you have KP or not.

Nourishing Honey Sugar Scrub

This is another Keratosis pilaris natural cure. A wholesome honey sugar scrub is another great keratosis pilaris natural remedy. Combining sugar and honey to form a sticky, sweet paste. Apply the paste to your clean, dry skin and work it in using a circular motion.

Once you feel the moisturising affects of the mix, simply rinse it off. It’s a refreshing way to naturally eliminate the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

The conclusion

Using keratosis pilaris natural treatment remedy is just as effective as seeking relief from a doctor’s prescription. keratosis pilaris isn’t harmful to the body, but it can be quite irritating at different times, especially in the winter. Taking a more holistic approach can certainly help.

Get Rid Of Keratosis Pilaris