Top 5 Anti – Ageing Foods That Keep You Look Very Young

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Top 5 Anti – Ageing Foods

You can delay the signs of ageing by following a natural and balanced diet. Anti ageing foods are those essential foods that supply basic nutrients to the body and help replenish its cells and tissues. Of these food types the most known and widely used that help reverse the ageing process of our body are Antioxidants. You can watch the video above to learn what these antioxidant foods are.

Ageing is not only a process that follows the calendar or the clock. Of course, we are 1 day older than yesterday. But there is another measure of time that science very well confirms. It is called a “Body Clock”. Our body has its own time that measures the ageing of its cells. It is no wonder that some people are in their late 60s but have the look of a person in their 30s. They are full of strength and stamina that we don’t believe they are really in their 60s. What is the secret?

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Slow down your body clock

These people have learned on purpose or through cultural and social upbringing that they can slow their body clock by following certain life principles. All sorts of strange problems seems to creep in humanity after the explosion of technological advancements. Now, it is so rare or even unthinkable to get naturally grown, hormone and chemicals free food. The world can’t feed itself if we follow the clean and organic ways of producing our food.

But there is hope. One can still manage a healthy lifestyle by just following simple diet and exercise regimens. Following a healthy, natural, organic diet plan and moderate exercise coupled with enough sleep and rest will have a great benefit to remain younger. Don’t burn off your body by living a hectic life that is poor in its diet plan. Food seems to play a big part in managing our body clock.


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